Nansha, Meizhou join hands for coordinated development

Cai Chaolin, party secretary of CPC Nansha distict Committee and Meizhou’s mayor Zhang Aijun witnessed signing of an agreement for co-construction and sharing between the Nansha Administrative committee and the Meizhou municipal government in the district on July 15.

Cai Chaolin (upper left) and Zhang Aijun (upper right) witness the signing ceremony. [Photo/gznsnews.com.cn]

Meizhou is a city with deep Hakka cultural deposit, a red revolutionary base background, and rich ecological resources in Guangdong province. In recent years, Nansha has regularly offered counterpart assistance to Meizhou’s remote areas like Jiaoling and Pingyuan counties.

According to the agreement, the two sides will cooperate in industrial innovation and cultural tourism.

Nansha will share innovating experience with Meizhou, and promote its financial openness by pushing investment and trade reform and expanding electronic information and new energy business.

This is expected to lead to coordinated development in which Meizhou will take charge of manufacturing and processing and Nansha will oversee development and marketing.

The two sides will collaborate to construct the health industry and characteristic tourism. With the advantage of Nansha’s medical level and Meizhou’s ecological environment, it’s reasonable to co-construct a base of medical treatment as well as leisure and recuperation.

There will still be a special tour route from Nansha, a fascinating home port of international cruises, to Meizhou, an attractive red revolutionary resort.

Nansha and Meizhou share a close relationship based on geographic position and cultural bonds, and both are affected by the national strategy of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. There is extensive room for their communication and cooperation, according to Dong Ke, mayor of the Nansha district.